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How much does an electrician make per hour?

Electricians are lifesavers for every homeowner. Without these people, you won’t have light bulbs properly installed at your home. Electricians maintain your electrical lighting and they help to install power for new houses too. These people really make big contributions to the home improvement industry. In terms of working as an electrician, did you know that you can actually make a living from it? There are a lot of electricians working for a company or working independently. If you know you are qualified to work one, you can always find an employer or homeowners who will patronize your service. So, how much does an electrician make per hour?

Salary of an electrician

The average salary of an electrician in the United States is $24 per hour. The hourly rate can be as high as $36 and can be as low as $12. For a year, you can make between $41,000 to $53,000. The low and high of this salary will depend on many factors. If you are working as an electrician soon, you should understand the things that will affect your salary. This will give you opportunities to improve your skills and eventually increase your earnings as an electrician.

What are the factors that can affect your salary as an electrician?How-much-does-an-electrician-make-per-hour

1) Years of experience – one of the most common factors that will affect your salary is your years of experience. The more experience you have, the higher your salary. If you will start as an entry-level electrician, you will get promoted after years of working in this profession. For your information, a first-entry level who has 1 to 4 years experience can earn up to $49,000. The second-entry level who has 5 to 9 years of experience can earn up to $61,000. The highest level of an electrician who has more than 10 years of experience can earn more than $63,000.

2) Employed or working independently – if you are working independently, you will have the freedom to price your services. Although you will consider your years of experience too, you can get easily connected to small customers who will likely call you whenever they experience electrical problems. More locals will patronize your services if you are an independent electrician. Meanwhile, if you are employed by a company, your employer will decide your salary. Being employed means you have to work 8 hours a day and your daily income depends on your salary rate rather than the number of customers you are going to serve.

3) Educational attainment – your degree and licenses matter when determining your salary. Even if you are an entry-level electrician, if you came from a good school, you will have a chance to receive more than the average salary of an electrician who did not graduate. It’s important that you keep on improving your skills by attending seminars and training. You will be able to use your licenses to increase your salary. Companies today consider the applicant’s educational attainment so be patient when gaining your certificates!

Award-Winning Perth Electricians

Award-Winning Perth Electricians

Australia, much like any Commonwealth country offers a high-quality living experience, together with all the amenities of the world, an electrician in Perth is no exception. The companies that provide electrical services in Perth such as Westline Electrical Services will take care of your entire home electrical needs, such as: switchboard upgrades, oven installations, LED downlights and general domestic electrical. Unarguably, there are some electrical maintenance companies to choose from in Perth. A lot of these companies are privately owned and established well over two decades ago.


There is a number of awards presented to the top-tier electrical companies in Perth; the awards include:

NECA excellence award of the Year
Master Electricians Association Awards for Excellence

Whenever you are looking to hire your Electrician Perth, either for a weekend job or a long-term contract, be sure to look at their achievements and excellence section, as this will give you an overview regarding the competency of the corporation. Thisachievement will be helpful in the case you are looking to hire the company to work on your household or commercial equipment. Another statistic which may help in estimating the performance of a company is to look at the number of jobs they perform on an annual basis. More often than not, the established electrical Perth service technicians will be engaged in contracts with Shopping Centre complexes, fast food chains, and Real Estate companies.


It does not matter which electrical appliance needs repairs; the electrical Perth technicians will be able to offer exceptional services on every facet of repair and installation issues, these include gas leak identification, cisterns, burst pipes, heater repairs, and blocked drains to name a few.

Customer Support

The experienced electrician in Perth Corporation provides you, the customer, with an exceptional support team and must have a solid history of positive reviews. The skilled customer service officers are located in their head-office in Perth, and not outsourced to some other location. The regional qualified clerical support group will assure you regarding the approximate response or arrival time of their technicians, according to your flexibility of schedule.

Equipped Vans ready for any electrical emergency

An exceptional electrician services company has the number of vehicles on hand that fulfil the job demands on a daily basis. Most of these registered corporations have at least 20 such mobile vans roaming the streets of Perth and will always offer a 24/7 emergency electrician to Perth homeowners & businesses. These vans are under the orders of the company’s head-office and remain strictly in contact with the commercial and private locations.

Machinery and Accessories

The company’s mobile vans endeavour to include cutting-edge machines on board at all times. Rest assured that a quality electrician Perth crew has all the accessories and miscellaneous equipment needed to carry out the job in the least possible time. The customer is to remind the support team if there is any additional equipment is necessary in some cases.


The customer is briefed regarding the quotations and costs for the renovation or installation beforehand.

Customer Liability Insurance

The Perth electrician services providersinsurances must always be up to date when arriving at the customer’s propertyand takes care of any trouble with hefty customer liability insurance.


The qualified electrician Perth Company has a team of highly trained professionals as technicians, and offer uncanny vigilance on your project.

Five Instances You Should Call a Professional Electrician for Help

We are living in times when electricity is a necessity in every home. Actually, many gadgets used in modern homes are run by electric power. The challenge is that not everyone who has electricity in his/her home is an electrician. Some of us do not know beyond changing a bulb and plugging extension cables in sockets. This makes it extremely difficult for many people to tell when they need to call an electrician for help for example Westline Electrical Services located in Perth, Western Australia. Electricity is a necessity in every home and it can as well be very dangerous and costly if not handled with care. The following are top five instances when you should call an electrician for help.

Professional Electrician

If Experiencing Recurring Electrical Surges

Electric surges cannot be completely avoided but it becomes dangerous if they keep reoccurring. Some of the key factors that can cause electrical surges include faulty appliances, lightning strikes, poor wiring in the house and faulty power lines. It is important to call a qualified electrician to come access your home and determine the cause of electrical surges if they become frequent. This is because frequent electrical surges can damage your electrical gadgets or even cause a fire.

Light Bulbs Burning Too Often

It is normal for light bulbs to burn after some time but if they burn too often then there is a problem. Some of the reasons why light bulbs can burn too often include bad wiring, high wattage, poor connection and use of low-quality bulbs. It can be tricky to tell what is causing light bulbs to burn too often in your home if you are not a professional on matters to do with electricity. The good thing is to call a professional electrician to check what is causing bulbs to burn too often in your home and fix it.

If your Electricity Bill is Unreasonably High

Sometimes electricity bills can be unreasonably high even when you have power saving appliances in your home. It is wise to call a professional electrician to come and check what could be causing your power consumption to go up. Some of the things that can result in high electricity bills include faulty wiring and circuits, plugged charges and appliance that are not in use and leaks in the water heating systems. An electrician will be able to check what causing your electricity bill to go up and advise you accordingly.

If Experiencing Electrical Shocks

Whenever you experience electrical shocks in your home, whether mild or serious, then something is wrong with your electrical wiring. An electrical shock can happen when you turn a device on or off. Although electrical shocks happen due to faulty electrical wiring, it can sometimes be caused by faulty appliances. It is important to call an electrician to come and check what is causing electrical shocks in your home and fix the problem before it becomes serious.

If Lights are Too Bright or Too Dim in your Home

When lights are too dim or too bright in your home, it is an indication that something is wrong with the wiring or your bulbs are of low quality. It is not possible to tell what is making lights to be too bright or too dim if you are not conversant with electrical matters. It is, therefore, wise to call a professional electrician to check what could be causing problems and fix it.

Generally, the above are key instances when it is important to call an electrician to check and fix your electricity connection to avoid further problems. More so, it is good to consult an electrician every time you experience something unusual with your electricity connection. However, it is advisable to make sure you are dealing with a qualified electrician if you want to get good services. An unqualified electrician can make your electrical problems worse resulting in huge repair costs.

Best Electrician For Your Home

Tips To Help You Find The Best Electrician For Your Home Or Business written

Most property owners find themselves in need a skilled electrician at some point. This could be during the remodelling process, or while fixing outdated wiring in the home or business. Finding the very best electrician in your area should be at the top of your priority list. This is because faulty wiring can create hazardous situations in your home or businesses, and can increase the risk of accidental fires. However, a professional Perth Electrician will provide you with the right skills and equipment to ensure the wiring is done right so that everything is safe and secure.

Best Electrician For Your Home

There are usually so many electricians out there who are ready and willing to compete for your business, and it can be hard to settle on just one. The following are some tips to help you choose the best electricians for your home or business:

Get recommendations from friends and family

Since a lot of home and business owners use electricians, it helps to ask your friends and family members to recommend a few of the experts they’ve worked with in the past. Get a solid list of potential electricians to allow you to narrow down your choices and pick the one who works best for you.

Read customer reviews

Take the list you’ve been given by your friends and family and search online for reviews from previous customers. Visit sites such as the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against a particular electrician. Read any negative reviews, and try to find out if the electrician worked to resolve any of the customers’ complaints.

Licensing and certification

After reducing the electricians on your list further, visit their offices and check to see if they have a local license and certification. If there is a professional body in your area, check to see if the electrician is accredited. This ensures that you are working with a professional who is recognized by his peers. Electrical work requires a focus on safety precautions, and a licensed and accredited electrician can meet all the safety standards set by your jurisdiction.

Ask for proof of insurance

Electrical work can be quite delicate, and it is easy for accidents to occur. It is easy for the contractor to brush against an open wire and get electrocuted, or they could accidentally trigger a fire. For these reasons, it is very important to ask the electrician for proof of insurance.

Look for someone you can work well with

Not every good electrician is the perfect fit for every customer. You’ll realize that there are some electricians you ‘click’ with almost immediately. It is always important to work with an electrician you are comfortable with. It is also crucial to analyse the electrician’s behaviour during your first few meetings to determine if he or she is the perfect fit. Some people like creative electricians who come up with excellent remodelling ideas, while others like electricians who are willing to listen to and incorporate their ideas into the repair or remodelling process. Look for one who communicates regularly, as this ensures there’ll be minimal misunderstandings between the two of you.


The electrical wiring in your home or business is very delicate, which is why it is not advisable to attempt any repairs on your own. Fortunately, these tips can help you choose an electrician who will do the job with precision while ensuring the safety of your home and your electrical appliances.

Commercial Electrical Companies in Perth

Top Workplace Safety Tips from Commercial Electrical Companies in Perth

It’s just about impossible these days to find a commercial enterprise that doesn’t use electricity at all. Unfortunately, it’s also always possible that something will go wrong with your electrical system. You should use a professional electrician from Perth Electrical Services or other commercial electrical companies in Perth, if you need to have repairs done.

But it can save you a lot of time and inconvenience if your employees are trained to heed the following electrical safety tips for the workplace:

  1. Avoid using any outlet that looks damaged, worn or discolored. These types of damage may be a sign of something more serious with your electrical system. Plugging in any electrical gadget in these outlets may damage your equipment, and you also risk damage property and injury for your employees. These outlets must be repaired by a pro as soon as possible.
  2. Note any frequently blown circuits and fuses. These can signify that your circuits or outlets are overloaded.
  3. Power cords should be pulled by the plug and not by the cord. You’d think by now that everyone should know this very simple rule, but you’d be surprised to know that not every knows or bothers to pull a power cord properly.
  4. Power adaptors must never be plugged into other adaptors that other plugs are already using. Doing so can result in electrical shocks that can lead to serious injury.
  5. If someone is fitting in any light fixtures, the light bulb must be in the proper wattage.
  6. Every electrical item that your workers use or your company buys must be approved first, and they should always have the Australian Standards mark.
  7. Any electrical item from storage that will be reused must be checked over for exposed or damaged wires. If there are damaged or exposed wires, they have to be repaired properly or the electrical item must be replaced.
  8. Electrical items must never be used outdoors if the area is wet or it is raining.
  9. Bathroom sockets can be especially dangerous and they must never get wet. Make sure that no one plugs or unplugs any electrical gadgets if their hands are not completely dry.
  10. Have a system in place that makes sure that all electrical gadgets are turned off if they’re not being used. If possible, they should be unplugged as well.

For a business in Perth, it’s crucial that you have a qualified pro from a commercial electrical company inspect your electrical system at regular intervals, just to be safe. You should call on them to have a dedicated circuit breaker for special equipment, and whenever you have a new set of electrical equipment to install.

You also have to call them for any sort of electrical repair. However, you don’t really want to call on them too often, and you can avoid these problems in the first place if you make sure that your employees are aware of the tips on this list.

Best Electrician Perth

Handy Handyman Tips from the Best Electrician Perth Residents Can Trust

Regardless of what time of the year it is, it’s always a good idea to regularly check the state of your household appliances. You want to make sure that they’re all in good working condition, and that they’re all in compliance with Australian Standards. If you have any sort of doubt at all, it’s always a good idea to check with Perth Electrical Services, which can send over the best electrician Perth residents can rely on.

Best Electrician Perth

Here are some things you can do if you want to help out:

  1. Whenever you buy a brand new electrical appliance, you should make sure that it complies with Australian Standards. A compliant gadget will bear the Australian compliance mark or approval number. There’s a new Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) that’s been introduced on March, 2016, so you need to be familiar with it.
  2. You have to be very careful when you’re buying online, as often the consumer item may be manufactured abroad. There’s a chance that it may not meet Australian standards, which are more stringent than some of the other more lenient countries. These items can become a fire hazard or cause electrical shock when you use them.
  3. Make sure that all your home electrical circuits have safety switches installed on them. These safety switches represent an extra line of defense against electrocution.
  4. You may be rummaging around your old equipment and find an electrical appliance that you haven’t used for some time. If that’s the case, you have to check t thoroughly first and see if you can find any exposed or damaged wiring. If you do find something wrong, don’t just plug it in. Let an experienced electrician look it over first.
  5. Unless you’re a qualified electrician yourself, don’t give in to the temptation of modifying or repairing any lighting equipment yourself. That’s just not safe at all. Your best recourse is to have a professional electrician do the job for you.
  6. If you have children in your home, take some time to talk to them about electrical safety. Make sure that they realize what they’re not supposed to do, including playing with electrical equipment like plug boards.

You may even want to childproof your electrical sockets especially if your children are still very young. This may be a task for your friendly professional electrician as well.

  1. In fact, you may want to have that phone number of Perth Electrician always ready, because you’ll want to contact a real expert if you have any doubts at all about your electrical system. When it comes to electrical systems and gadgets, safety is always the top priority and not convenience.

Damage to your property, physical injuries, and even deaths can occur if you’re not careful with electrical systems. These can result from improper DIY work or your neglect in checking your appliances and electrical systems. Have a pro look over your electrical system regularly so that you’re sure. The #1 rule is simple: it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Best Commercial Electrical Contractors in Perth

The Step by Step Guide to Find the Best Commercial Electrical Contractors in Perth

When you need an electrician for your home, it’s easy enough to ask your neighbors, family, and friends for a recommendation. That’s often the quickest way of finding an electrician you can trust. But it’s not that easy to find a commercial electrical contractor. That’s especially true for small businesses that can hardly afford the premium rates of many commercial electrical contractors.

So if you’re running a small business, how do you find an affordable yet capable electrical contractor? Here are some steps you need to take to help you find the best commercial electrical contractors in Perth:

  1. Go online. You should just Google for the “best commercial contractors in Perth” and then take note of the results. You may find that Google will display the top 3 options with their names and phone number. You’ll find their work hours and this should indicate “open 24 hours” if you want the best. You should then read the reviews and note the average rating. You should also check their website by clicking on the handy link provided.
  2. Discuss their past work. Call the top 3 options and see if they can discuss the electrical work they have done in the past. Their willingness to answer your questions will indicate that they will be accommodating when you work with them, and their answers regarding their work will indicate their abilities.

Ask about their previous projects and see if you can get any references. Check that they’re insured and certified. Then afterwards you need to confirm the info they’ve provided.

  1. Explain your situation and clarify what they can do for you. Obviously you’re going to get a quote from them and this is important. But it’s not the sole factor you should take into account.

You need to discuss what they will do, when they can work on a problem, what the schedule of the work will be like, and what measures will be taken to minimize the disturbance. You have to check if they’re quote is the final price or if there will be additional fees for materials and for “contingencies”. You also should check of there are any guarantees or assurances for the quality of their work.

  1. Note everything and compare. Obviously you will note the quotes, but see if there are other factors that also appeal to you. Each one should offer a detailed cost structure as well as a work schedule that will be followed.

You also have to note the intangibles. Were they friendly and courteous when they talked with you? Did they offer info freely and without reservation? Such factors may be more important than you think.

Getting the right commercial electrical contractor is crucial for every business. They can help maintain your electrical system, and they can respond to any problem as if it were an emergency. If it’s an electrical problem that’s stopping work and costing your business a lot of money, then it certainly is an emergency!

Top Emergency Reasons to Call a 24 Hour Electrician in Perth

For some occasions, it’s not really too bad if the power is out for a few hours. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes you need the power back now, and that means calling for an electrician right away. That’s why it’s fortunate that you can always call a 24-hour electrician in Perth at any time and on any day of the week.

24 Hour Electrician in Perth

But what constitutes an emergency? There are many types, although some are really more important than others. Here are some electrical problems that you may want to get fixed right away.

  1. You have crucial medical appliances at home. Most of the time, these medical appliances may have a backup power supply just in case the power fails. But that backup power can’t run indefinitely, so you need to have your power problems fixed as soon as possible. It may be a matter of life and death.
  2. It’s the height of the summer season. In Perth, the heat during the summer can be considered an emergency when you don’t have air conditioning. That’s especially true when you have sick or elderly people at home, or even young children and it’s January. If you’re the only house on your street without power, then there’s something wrong with your electrical system and you need someone to fix it right away.
  3. It’s the middle of the cold season. The temperature can plunge during the cold season here in Perth, and without heat it’s can get dangerous for some people. This is especially true at night when the cold can really seep into the bones of older people. The temperature can get down to 13 degrees C (55 degrees F) and that can be hazardous for the sickly.
  4. Your security system isn’t working. Many security systems, such as security cameras, motion detectors, and alarms run on electricity instead of batteries. So if you’re relying on those security systems, you need to have the power restored. There’s always the chance that criminals have cut the power. So have it checked out so that you can be assured that your security system should be working as it ought to.
  5. You work at home. For most people these days, this means working on a computer. But not many people have generators so a power outage can be a problem. It may even be a problem with the PC electrical system as well. If there’s something electrical that’s keeping you from working then you must have it checked out by an electrician right away.
  6. There’s a sporting event you need to watch live. This may not count as an emergency in the traditional sense, but for many rugby or cricket fans it counts as an emergency. The same is true whenever Australia manages to find its way into the World Cup.

Anything electrical can actually be called an emergency, especially if you have something burning. So if you have an electrical problem in Perth, you just have to call up Perth Electrical Service ASAP.