The Step by Step Guide to Find the Best Commercial Electrical Contractors in Perth

When you need an electrician for your home, it’s easy enough to ask your neighbors, family, and friends for a recommendation. That’s often the quickest way of finding an electrician you can trust. But it’s not that easy to find a commercial electrical contractor. That’s especially true for small businesses that can hardly afford the premium rates of many commercial electrical contractors.

So if you’re running a small business, how do you find an affordable yet capable electrical contractor? Here are some steps you need to take to help you find the best commercial electrical contractors in Perth:

  1. Go online. You should just Google for the “best commercial contractors in Perth” and then take note of the results. You may find that Google will display the top 3 options with their names and phone number. You’ll find their work hours and this should indicate “open 24 hours” if you want the best. You should then read the reviews and note the average rating. You should also check their website by clicking on the handy link provided.
  2. Discuss their past work. Call the top 3 options and see if they can discuss the electrical work they have done in the past. Their willingness to answer your questions will indicate that they will be accommodating when you work with them, and their answers regarding their work will indicate their abilities.

Ask about their previous projects and see if you can get any references. Check that they’re insured and certified. Then afterwards you need to confirm the info they’ve provided.

  1. Explain your situation and clarify what they can do for you. Obviously you’re going to get a quote from them and this is important. But it’s not the sole factor you should take into account.

You need to discuss what they will do, when they can work on a problem, what the schedule of the work will be like, and what measures will be taken to minimize the disturbance. You have to check if they’re quote is the final price or if there will be additional fees for materials and for “contingencies”. You also should check of there are any guarantees or assurances for the quality of their work.

  1. Note everything and compare. Obviously you will note the quotes, but see if there are other factors that also appeal to you. Each one should offer a detailed cost structure as well as a work schedule that will be followed.

You also have to note the intangibles. Were they friendly and courteous when they talked with you? Did they offer info freely and without reservation? Such factors may be more important than you think.

Getting the right commercial electrical contractor is crucial for every business. They can help maintain your electrical system, and they can respond to any problem as if it were an emergency. If it’s an electrical problem that’s stopping work and costing your business a lot of money, then it certainly is an emergency!