Top Workplace Safety Tips from Commercial Electrical Companies in Perth

It’s just about impossible these days to find a commercial enterprise that doesn’t use electricity at all. Unfortunately, it’s also always possible that something will go wrong with your electrical system. You should use a professional electrician from Perth Electrical Services or other commercial electrical companies in Perth, if you need to have repairs done.

But it can save you a lot of time and inconvenience if your employees are trained to heed the following electrical safety tips for the workplace:

  1. Avoid using any outlet that looks damaged, worn or discolored. These types of damage may be a sign of something more serious with your electrical system. Plugging in any electrical gadget in these outlets may damage your equipment, and you also risk damage property and injury for your employees. These outlets must be repaired by a pro as soon as possible.
  2. Note any frequently blown circuits and fuses. These can signify that your circuits or outlets are overloaded.
  3. Power cords should be pulled by the plug and not by the cord. You’d think by now that everyone should know this very simple rule, but you’d be surprised to know that not every knows or bothers to pull a power cord properly.
  4. Power adaptors must never be plugged into other adaptors that other plugs are already using. Doing so can result in electrical shocks that can lead to serious injury.
  5. If someone is fitting in any light fixtures, the light bulb must be in the proper wattage.
  6. Every electrical item that your workers use or your company buys must be approved first, and they should always have the Australian Standards mark.
  7. Any electrical item from storage that will be reused must be checked over for exposed or damaged wires. If there are damaged or exposed wires, they have to be repaired properly or the electrical item must be replaced.
  8. Electrical items must never be used outdoors if the area is wet or it is raining.
  9. Bathroom sockets can be especially dangerous and they must never get wet. Make sure that no one plugs or unplugs any electrical gadgets if their hands are not completely dry.
  10. Have a system in place that makes sure that all electrical gadgets are turned off if they’re not being used. If possible, they should be unplugged as well.

For a business in Perth, it’s crucial that you have a qualified pro from a commercial electrical company inspect your electrical system at regular intervals, just to be safe. You should call on them to have a dedicated circuit breaker for special equipment, and whenever you have a new set of electrical equipment to install.

You also have to call them for any sort of electrical repair. However, you don’t really want to call on them too often, and you can avoid these problems in the first place if you make sure that your employees are aware of the tips on this list.